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Your questions answered: attorneys, witnesses and certificate providers

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Image reads Attorneys, witnesses and certificate providers

[English] - [Cymraeg] We receive thousands of phone calls each week from people looking for help and information on the lasting power of attorney (LPA) process. This blog series answers your questions by breaking down the different stages of your …

Tackling our terminology

A light blue background with white and blue graphic details. A speech bubble has 'ABC' inside it. Text on the card reads: tackling our terminology - we've put together a list of some words and phrases you might come across and what they mean

[English] - [Cymraeg] We know that some of the words and phrases we use can be confusing.  As an attorney, donor, deputy, or organisation you will come across our terminology in our forms, guidance documents, letters and through our online …

Instructions and preferences now visible with ‘Use an LPA’ and ‘View an LPA’

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[English] - [Cymraeg] We’ve listened to feedback and have updated the ‘Use an LPA’ and ‘View an LPA’ service. Donors, attorneys and their specified organisations can now view the details of instructions and preferences in a lasting power of attorney …

Modernising lasting powers of attorney – safer, simpler and fit for the future 

Modernising LPA

This week the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), in collaboration with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), published a consultation on plans for how lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) can be modernised.   Our modernising LPA project aims to improve the process of making and …

Managing LPA registration delays – an update from OPG

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It’s taking us longer than usual to process applications for lasting powers of attorney (LPAs). While we understand this can be frustrating, we’re working hard to continue to deliver our services.  In the meantime, we’ve brought together some useful online …

Rapid register searches - our new service for public sector organisations making urgent decisions  

Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has launched a new service to support staff from across local authorities, social care, police and NHS, who are dealing with adults at risk. Staff from these organisations can request information we have on our registers to help them make urgent decisions about someone who may lack mental capacity.   OPG aims to respond to requests submitted through …

Getting started as an attorney or deputy

Whether you’re in the process of creating a lasting power of attorney with a loved one or have just started acting as a court appointed deputy, here are some useful tips and ideas on how to make sure you’re acting …