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Tackling our terminology

A light blue background with white and blue graphic details. A speech bubble has 'ABC' inside it. Text on the card reads: tackling our terminology - we've put together a list of some words and phrases you might come across and what they mean

[English] - [Cymraeg] We know that some of the words and phrases we use can be confusing.  As an attorney, donor, deputy, or organisation you will come across our terminology in our forms, guidance documents, letters and through our online …

Creating an LPA - Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

Posted by: , Posted on: - Categories: Attorneys, FAQs, Future planning, health and welfare, lasting power of attorney, LPA
Man signing LPA form

[English] - [Cymraeg] We receive hundreds of phone calls each week of people looking for help and information on a number of different things, a lot of which are around creating a lasting power of attorney (LPA).  Here are a …