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Your questions answered: Completing forms

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We receive thousands of phone calls each week from people looking for help and information on the lasting power of attorney (LPA) process. This blog series answers your questions by breaking down the different stages of your LPA journey.

Here we look at common questions about completing LPA forms. See also:

Attorneys, witnesses and certificate providers

Includes making a start and who to involve

Payments and fees

Includes cheques and applying for remissions and exemptions

Using your LPA

Includes reference numbers, activation keys and access codes

Reporting and making changes to your LPA

Includes reporting a death and changing address 


Where can I get the forms?  

The quickest way to make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is by using our online tool. 

You can download and print all the forms you'll need to complete an LPA from this website too. 


Can I use blue ink on my LPA application? 

Your LPA will not be rejected if you complete it in blue ink, but we prefer that it is completed in black ink. 


Can I send multiple applications in the same envelope? 

Yes. If possible, please separate them with a paperclip or similar. Please don’t staple them as this could lead to the document being damaged. 


What is the order of signing the document? 

  1. The donor signs the LPA first 
  2. The witness signs the LPA to verify the donor’s signature 
  3. The certificate provider then signs their section 
  4. Attorneys and/or replacement attorneys sign
  5. The witness signs to verify the attorneys and/or replacement attorneys’ signature 

You can find more detail on the order of signing and how to fill in the LPA on our page. 


Should I tick or cross the box on my LPA application? 

As long as the mark you’re making is clear and within the box it doesn’t matter whether you tick it or put a cross in it. 


Why can’t I change or amend an LPA if I find a mistake 

If you make a mistake before you’ve signed the LPA you can correct it.  

Do not use correction fluid (‘Tippex’) to correct it. If you do, we will not be able to register the LPA. Cross out mistakes with a pen and write the correct details as close to the relevant box as possible. Everyone involved in each section must initial each change. 

If you find an error after the donor has signed the document, it cannot be changed. This is because when the donor signs the document, they are saying everything on it is accurate and true at the time of signing.  

If you change anything in the LPA after this, it will make the LPA invalid.  

If you’re using the online LPA tool it will prompt you to check all the information in each section and highlight errors made where possible. Once you've confirmed everything and the document is ready to print, you can no longer change the LPA.  If you notice and error which you need to fix, you will need to start again as you’ve confirmed the document is final. 


[English] - [Cymraeg]

Llenwi ffurflenni

Rydyn ni’n cael cannoedd o alwadau ffôn bob wythnos gan bobl sy’n chwilio am help a gwybodaeth ynghylch llawer o wahanol bethau. Mae’r gyfres hon o flogiau’n ateb eich cwestiynau drwy ddadansoddi gwahanol gamau eich taith Atwrneiaeth Arhosol.

Yma rydym yn edrych ar gwestiynau cyffredin ynghylch llenwi ffurflenni LPA. Gweler hefyd:

Atwrneiod, tystion a darparwyr tystysgrif

Mae’n cynnwys dechrau arni a phwy i’w gynnwys

Taliadau a ffioedd

Yn cynnwys sieciau a gwneud cais am ostyngiadau ac esemptiadau

Defnyddio eich LPA

Yn cynnwys cyfeirnodau, allweddi ysgogi a chodau mynediad

Adrodd a gwneud newidiadau i’ch LPA

Yn cynnwys rhoi gwybod am farwolaeth a newid cyfeiriad


Ble alla i gael y ffurflenni?

Y ffordd gyflymaf o wneud Atwrneiaeth Arhosol yw defnyddio ein hadnodd ar-lein.

Gallwch lwytho i lawr ac argraffu'r holl ffurflenni sydd eu hangen arnoch i lenwi atwrneiaeth arhosol o'r wefan hon.


Alla i ddefnyddio inc glas ar fy nghais am LPA?

Ni fydd eich LPA yn cael ei gwrthod os byddwch yn ei llenwi mewn inc glas, ond mae’n well gennym os caiff ei llenwi mewn inc du.


A alla i anfon mwy nag un cais yn yr un amlen?

Gallwch. Os oes modd, dylech eu gwahanu â chlip papur neu rywbeth tebyg. Peidiwch â’u styffylu gan y gallai hyn arwain at ddifrodi’r ddogfen.


Beth yw’r drefn o lofnodi’r ddogfen?

  1. Mae’r rhoddwr yn llofnodi’r LPA gyntaf
  2. Mae’r tyst yn llofnodi’r LPA i ddilysu llofnod y rhoddwr
  3. Yna bydd darparwr y dystysgrif yn llofnodi ei adran
  4. Mae’r atwrneiod a/neu atwrneiod wrth gefn yn llofnodi
  5. Mae’r tyst yn llofnodi i ddilysu llofnod yr atwrneiod a/neu’r atwrneiod wrth gefn

Gallwch chi ddod o hyd i ragor o fanylion am y drefn lofnodi a sut i lenwi’r atwrneiaeth arhosol ar ein tudalen

Ddylwn i dicio neu roi croes yn y blwch ar fy nghais am LPA?

Cyn belled â bod y marc rydych chi’n ei wneud yn glir ac o fewn y blwch, does dim ots a ydych chi’n ei dicio neu’n rhoi croes ynddo.


Pam na alla i newid na ddiwygio Atwrneiaeth Arhosol os bydda i’n sylwi ar gamgymeriad

Os byddwch yn gwneud camgymeriad cyn i chi lofnodi’r LPA, gallwch ei chywiro.

Peidiwch â defnyddio hylif cywiro (‘Tippex’) i’w gywiro. Os byddwch yn gwneud hynny, ni fyddwn yn gallu cofrestru’r atwrneiaeth arhosol. Dilëwch y camgymeriadau gyda beiro ac ysgrifennwch y manylion cywir mor agos â phosibl at y blwch perthnasol. Rhaid i bawb sy’n ymwneud â phob adran lofnodi pob newid.

Os byddwch yn canfod gwall ar ôl i’r rhoddwr lofnodi’r ddogfen, ni ellir ei newid. Y rheswm am hyn yw pan fydd y rhoddwr yn llofnodi’r ddogfen, mae’n datgan bod popeth arni’n gywir ac yn wir adeg llofnodi’r ddogfen.

Os byddwch yn newid unrhyw beth yn yr LPA ar ôl hyn, bydd yn gwneud yr LPA yn annilys.

Os ydych chi’n defnyddio’r adnodd LPA ar-lein, bydd yn eich annog i wirio’r holl wybodaeth ym mhob adran ac yn tynnu sylw at wallau sy’n cael eu gwneud pan fo hynny’n bosib. Ar ôl i chi gadarnhau popeth a bod y ddogfen yn barod i’w hargraffu, ni allwch newid yr atwrneiaeth arhosol mwyach.  Os byddwch yn sylwi ar wall y mae angen i chi ei gywiro, bydd angen i chi ddechrau eto gan eich bod wedi cadarnhau bod y ddogfen yn derfynol.


Ni allwn roi sylwadau ar geisiadau ac achosion penodol yma ac ni fyddwn yn cyhoeddi cwestiynau sy’n cynnwys gwybodaeth bersonol.

Gallwch gysylltu â ni ar: / 0300 456 0300.

Bydd yn help os bydd yr wybodaeth am yr LPA gennych wrth law er mwyn i ni allu eich helpu mor gyflym â phosibl. Mae rhestr o’r hyn i’w gynnwys ar gael yn y blog ‘adrodd a gwneud newidiadau i’ch LPA’.


We can’t comment on specific applications and cases here and won’t publish questions containing personal information.

You can contact / 0300 456 0300.

It will help to have your LPA information to hand so we can help you as quickly as possible. A list of what to include is available in the ‘reporting and making changes to your LPA’ blog.

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  1. Comment by R. Coleman posted on

    It may be of help if the address where to send completed applications is mentioned somewhere.

    • Replies to R. Coleman>

      Comment by rebeccaparker1 posted on

      Hi R. Coleman

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. We recommend that these questions and answers are used alongside guidance on but we’ll take your suggestion on board for future improvements.

      OPG communications team

  2. Comment by Mr Lewis Ritchie posted on

    Is a photo copy or email attachment of an LPA document signed by an Attorney or witness acceptable when submitting a completed LPA.

    • Replies to Mr Lewis Ritchie>

      Comment by rebeccaparker1 posted on

      Hi Lewis,

      Thank you for your question. When completing forms everyone involved must sign the same original LPA document. We cannot register an LPA that includes photocopy scans or copied pages.

      OPG Communications Team

  3. Comment by Mr Lewis Ritchie posted on

    Thank you Rebecca for your response to my question. Having recently completed my LPAs the question arose regarding my son who lives in the USA and the signing of the Attorney page. We were fortunate he was in the UK when the forms were signed and witnessed, but was interested should the OPG reject the LPA document and we needed to go through the process again.
    Thank you again
    Lewis Ritchie

  4. Comment by Mrs Munir Irfan posted on

    I have been sent a new Section 11 and 15 to complete again.

  5. Comment by Catherine Lloyd posted on

    My mother is now resident in a different nursing home.Does the Office of the Public Guardian need to know her new address as myself and my two siblings hold P.O.A for my Mother

    • Replies to Catherine Lloyd>

      Comment by rebeccaparker1 posted on

      Hi Catherine

      You need to report a change of address. You will need details of the LPA such as a reference number, name of the donor and date of birth so that we can find a document on the system and update as needed.

      Do not change the LPA itself as this will invalidate it. The document remains valid with the previous name and address details showing.

      More information can be found on our ‘changes you need to report’ GOV.UK page.

      OPG communications

  6. Comment by Catherine Lloyd posted on

  7. Comment by N Glanville posted on

    Can the same person be the witness to the donor’s signature and the certificate provider?

    Also, when it comes to the attorney’s signature, can a different witness be used to verify their signature, to the witness of the donor’s signature?

    • Replies to N Glanville>

      Comment by rebeccaparker1 posted on


      Yes. A certificate provider can be a witness if they are over the age of 18 and not one of your attorneys.

      When it comes to the attorney’s signature, they must be over the age of 18 and not the donor.

      OPG communications team