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We’re launching our first-ever safeguarding conference

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We’ve been doing a lot of work recently to support our communications and engagement strategy, and how we can further build trust and awareness amongst our partners and the public in our products and services. As part of this, we’ve been looking at the most common types of requests we receive, and one of the most common things we see are invitations to speak at national, regional and local events. Many of these requests are also asking us to share similar types of information.

We’re flattered so many people want to hear from us on a range of topics and we’re glad to be in a position where we can consider as many events as we do.

Those of you who have contacted us with similar requests will know that it’s simply impossible for us to go to everything we are invited to. So, we’ve been developing new and different ways to share information with you to help meet your needs. You’ll hear more about the detail of this in the next few months.

OPG’s first-ever safeguarding event

We’re working with DODS on a specialist safeguarding event which will take place on Thursday 17 October in central London. This is to support the significant interest we’ve seen in our safeguarding strategy and is an opportunity for us to discuss with other practitioners how we can best work together to protect adults at risk. Our October event is also the first opportunity for you to meet our new Public Guardian, Nick Goodwin.

Hosting our own events on topic-specific areas is one way we’re looking to cover the gap in events we can attend and those we want to attend. We hope to make our October event a success so we can do similar events in the future. This will help us to make sure all our partners and stakeholders are getting the information they need when they need it.

By being able to connect with as many people as possible around our shared topics of interest means that we’ll be able to free more time for us to focus on improving the services we offer and the way we communicate with each other.

Please take the time to look over the agenda for our safeguarding event and don’t miss out on early bird tickets which end on Friday 6 September.

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